This helpful information compiled by resident Suzie Criss

Reducing your water charges
You will by now have received your Water bill. Although this charge is for the whole of the coming year, you can ask for it to be broken down into weekly or monthly amounts and decide which is easier for you to pay.

People who live alone are entitled to a discount off the full amount per property.(Single Occupier tariff). Also, if your annual income (such as a Pension) amounts to less than £16,010 p.a - OR if you receive Housing Benefit or Income Support, you should be listed on Affinity’s Low Income Tariff. To get this lower charge, you would need to give Affinity your National Insurance number so that they can check the facts.

You are also entitled to ask them to provide you with a payment card so that you can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or however suits you best individually, so long as they are paid in advance, via a Pay Point.

You should telephone Affinity on 0345 357 2402 and give your name, address and customer number (which is printed on the bill they have sent you) and ask them to re-issue a new bill showing the discounts to which you are eligible.


IN ORDER TO GET A 50% REDUCTION IN THE THAMES WATER-SEWERAGE CHARGE, you would need to complete one of the following documents - both of which must be posted to you by Affinity upon telephone request.


1.  WaterSure  - this should be completed only if you have a water meter.


2 . WaterSurePlus  - this should be completed by people who are on a low income; or are over 62 years of age and/or on means-tested benefits or have a disposable income of less than £16,105 per annum. In any event, to qualify for this 50% discount from Thames Water, your combined Water and Waste Water bill must be 3% or more of your disposable income p.a. (i.e. what you have left after deducting your rent). To work out your bill as a percentage of your income, simply divide your bill by your disposable income and multiply by 100 - for example:

       Your bill total, e.g. £ 350.00 divided by, say, £7,000.00 x 100 = 5%
which would qualify you for the discount (you will need to use a calculator).


If you have difficulty in understanding any of the above information and need help applying for these discounts, you can ring: 

1.  Thames Water direct (0800 009 3652)

2. Claire Woodcock, Older People Floating Support on 020 7021 4250 (direct).

3.  Thames Water (0845 9200 8880 and ask for an Assessed Household Charge).