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          Electricity is 3 - 4 times more expensive than gas.

 To buy one unit of mains gas (measured in kWh) you will pay about 4p/kWh
 Conversely, 1 unit of electricity from the mains (also measured in kWh) will cost you about 15p/kWh.

Source The Green Age:   http://www.thegreenage.co.uk/cheaper-heat-home-gas-electricity/

Gas or electric cookers: which are cheaper to run?

If you use an electric cooker, you’ll use fewer units of energy but, because electricity costs more than gas per unit, this will end up costing you more.
If you use your cooker for around five hours a week, our tests found that the cheapest gas cooker will cost about £13 a year to run, while the most expensive cookers - all-electric or dual-fuel - will cost closer to £50.

Source:  Which?    http://www.which.co.uk/reviews/freestanding-cookers/article/gas-cookers-v-electric-cookers

        A communal heating system is the most efficient way of heating homes.

  Also known as district heating, this is widely recognised as an efficient way of supplying heating to many types of buildings. It is energy efficient and reduces carbon emissions.

The UK has 1765 recorded district heating networks of which 920 are in London.  
Source:   https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/212565/summary_evidence_district_heating_networks_uk.pdf

Boris Johnson, no less, supports more of these schemes.
Source:  http://www.londonheatmap.org.uk/Content/home.aspx

Nevertheless these systems are threatened on estates like Strawberry Vale. Residents on a south London estate are fighting to keep their district heating system.