On the 17th February this offensive graffiti appeared on the wall of one of our neighbours' houses.
We know feelings are running high here but this does nobody any favours. 

   Graffiti wall

Fortunately the Peabody caretaking team were on to the problem with a speed that is beyond belief
and the following day the wall was clean again.

                              Cleaned wall                              

What a shame that rubbish around the estate is not cleared away with the same speed and efficiency. The abandoned suitcase shown below hasn't moved for over five months
despite being reported at least twice. 

   Peabody case

Obviously the quick way to get it removed would be to cover it in graffiti about Peabody.

             NOTE TO PEABODY:  That is a joke and is not a serious suggestion.

   Important update:  The pressures of international fame on the web have proved     
                    too much for the sad suitcase and it has gone to hide in a nearby dustbin.