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           Strawberry Vale Residents Association meetings archive  
The SVRA Constitution

The SVRA safeguarding policy


26th January 2019 AGM  Agenda                    Annual reports

29th September 2018      Agenda      Minutes

7th July 2018                   Agenda      Minutes

24th March 2018              Agenda     Minutes

20th January 2018           Agenda     Minutes

28th October 2017 AGM  Agenda     Minutes    Annual reports                   

20th May 2017                Agenda      Minutes

4th March 2017               Agenda      Minutes

21st January 2017          Agenda       Minutes

29th October 2016          Agenda       Minutes

10th September 2016     Agenda       Minutes

9th July 2016                  Agenda       Minutes

14th May 2016                Agenda       Minutes

9th April 2016                 Agenda       Minutes (n/a)

5th March 2016              Agenda        Minutes

20th February 2016        Agenda        Minutes

30th January 2016         Agenda        Minutes (n/a)

23rd January 2016         Agenda        Minutes

5th December 2015        Agenda        Minutes

7th November 2015        Agenda        Minutes


Newsletters + Leaflets

February survey

20th February 2016

6th February 2016

29th January 2016   The one Peabody refused to print.

January 2016

December 2015
September 2015